Freitag, 10. März 2017

Kunst (T)räume Biebertal

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Kunst wäscht den Staub des Alltags von der Seele“ (Pablo Picasso)

And so it was at the exhibition of the Kulturinitiative Biebertal last weekend. 
Great art, great artists – but just see for yourselves!

Even the table decorations were nice.

Anke Chiml enjoys painting in oil and acrylics as well.
What a fantastic interpretation of the forest.

Rolf Steinmüller uses different types and colors of clay to produce the most interesting „paintings“!

Bernd Goecke’s painting of „Brexit“ is phenomenal, as well.

Also, Juliane Fornfeists "Wassergarten" was splendid.

„Sonnenstrasse“ is an organization which helps young people with problems to express themselves through art.

            What wonderful pieces of art work they create. Don’t you agree?

Last, but not least, the local „“Lahn-River Wheelers“ Square Dance group put on a lovely performance. How nice to see so many „Golden Agers“ out dancing like that J

Really enjoyed seeing such works of art! Thanks you artists of Biebertal. 

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