Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Almost Taco Salad

It turned out to be almost Taco Salad. I started with some spelt, shredded. 

Cooked it a bit and then added couscous, Ju’s secret ingredient for vegan bean burgers that don’t fall apart. 

I prepared the spelt/couscous mixture so that I could make burgers today, but instead I got sidetracked when I looked in the bio-box and found a head of lettuce and some radishes. 

So I ended up taking all of my veggie salad goodies out of the fridge and putting them all together in what was supposed to be a taco salad. 

The fried spelt/couscous mixture looks and tastes similar to ground beef. 

But it’s not ground beef.

And the avocado dressing adds a southwestern touch, but isn’t guacamole. 

And Doritos/tortilla chips aren’t vegan so they didn’t make it into my lunch.

But topped with a red hot chili pepper (also added to the avocado dressing!) guess you could say that it was “almost a Taco Salad”!

The one thing I know for sure is that it was delicious!

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